Short Sale Packet

Your short sale packet is the most important piece of any short sale. The most challenging item for you once the decision is made is gathering all the information.


* Two (2) Years Tax Returns*
(include all schedules & all pages - Federal Return only)
* Two (2) Months Bank Statements*
(include all pages)
* Two (2) Months Pay Stubs*
* Hardship Letter
* Personal/Household Financial Statement     (Freddie Mac Form unless otherwise indicated)
* Letter of Authorization
* Purchase Contract
* Listing Agreement
* Estimated HUD Statement

*Most Recent and Consecutive

What pulls all this together for a successful transaction “THE AGENT HANDLING IT”
If you are considering the option, you need to call me right away. Time is very important.!!!   Once the agent has done their do diligence in performing what they need to get done, the packet is submitted with no guarantees. The bank could say no, the buyer could back out for one reason or another. Remember, as a seller we are trying to save your financial future moving forward.

Unfortunately, this process could take up to 90 days or better; vary rarely less than 45 days. Keep in mind this is just for an approval.